Black Mirror on IPTV

Black Mirror on IPTV

Black Mirror - exciting show on IPTV

"Black Mirror" is the anthology series that holds a mirror to our present day, and makes viewers think about the back side of the digital era. As technological developments rush forward, meant to make our lives easier and bring people together, interesting and often terrifying dilemmas also arise.

Ever since 2011, the British "Black Mirror" has portrayed our modern world, via a slightly crooked mirror that shows the unpleasant side of living right here and now. The different stories usually take place in the near future, with technology similar to ours but taken a step further. What problems and challenges might arise?

With a satirical tone, some of the worst fears of our time are depicted, be it the surveillance society, the power of the mass media, online privacy, digital clones of the human mind or who can actually see you through the computer's webcam. At the same time, the imagination is tickled with cheeky inventions, which show how, for example, virtual reality, robots or various hi-tech implants can affect our lives.

This is the "Twilight Zone" of the digital age. A kind of warning for a future that is closer than we think. Technology has developed, humanity has adapted accordingly, but there are rarely any sunshine stories we get to share. No, for the most part you can be sure that things will go wrong for the main character