What is IPTV?

As technology advances, so do our habits. In the past, it was most common to watch TV via cable TV, but today there are other, smarter alternatives. IPTV is a new type of TV format where the TV broadcast itself is transmitted via broadband and not, as before, via cable. In short, the service is television distributed over your IP network. Actually, it's not new, it's been around since 2009, but it's only in recent years that more and more people have opened their eyes to it. We explain more how you can start using the service and other things that are good to know.

How does IPTV work?

IPTV is television broadcast via the IP network, this network is connected to internet protocols owned by network operators. The big advantage of using this service instead of the usual fiber TV is that you avoid commercial interruptions. As long as you have a secure and good broadband connection, you will also enjoy significantly better sound and picture (provided your output device supports it). We are therefore talking about HD or FULL HD quality with 5.1-channel sound (Dolby Digital). Of course, you need to have a good sound system so that you have the right conditions.
Another big advantage of IP TV is that you can digitise most things, for example you can create playlists, check with a simple click and use other internet resources such as games. All you need is an internet cable and a speed of at least 5 Mbps.

Do I have to buy a box?

It is possible to buy an IPTV box, i.e. a digital TV box that works over the terrestrial network. The difference between a regular TV box and an IPTV box is that this box has a network port and not an antenna connection. However, you do not need to have a box to start checking via the service. Instead, you can choose to download an app that makes it possible to watch the streaming service from your Smart TV, mobile phone, tablet or computer. Some major apps for the service include:

Perfect Player
Smart IPTV
IPTV Extreme

However, the advantage of buying a box is that you can use your normal TV, even if it is not a Smart TV. In addition, you can easily take the IPTV box with you on holiday, for example if you are going out to the summer cottage over the weekend. Most boxes also have a built-in hard drive that makes it easy to record programs if you want

Is IPTV legal?

The short answer is that IPTV is legal for you as a customer. As long as the decoding of the channels does not take place at your place. With this service, the channels of a so-called hosting provider located outside the EU are decoded. The decoded channels are then sent to you and you can watch completely legally.

Smart IPTV
Smart IPTV is an app that you can use to watch different programs. The app costs around €5 but has a trial period of one week free of charge. Another new and updated IPTV players is MYIPTV which is very good as well.

IPTV or not?
The service undeniably has its advantages, especially if you already have a smart TV, love to stream movies and also want to access channels from other countries. It can be a little complicated to get the service in order, especially if you choose to drive without a box. It's good to compare the options too. Today, some of the largest providers of IPTV in Sweden are:


The subscriptions with the various suppliers are not particularly expensive, they are around the hundred mark a month. The advantage of checking the above services is that the films are already in really good quality and everything is completely legal. In addition, there is a large selection of films and series with all services. It entirely depends on whether you find these traditional IPTV providers to be enough, or whether you would like to access a significantly larger network of news channels, TV channels and movies, series, music and games.

You can always buy an IPTV box from Google for example, their variant is called Chromecast and there are different variants. Chromecast Ultra is popular and instantly turns your mobile, tablet or computer into a remote control. You simply start the app you are going to use, for example Netflix, then you just select the Cast function, which allows you to easily send the content to the TV. Google Chromecast Ultra costs around SEK 800. The advantage is that this kind of box is easy to take with you everywhere, regardless of whether you are visiting the parents, going on holiday or similar.